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    Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

    Company news
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    2020/06/24 16:32
    Ryson team wish every customer and friend have a happy Dragon Boat Festival

    Happy Dragon Boat Festival !


    Ryson team wish every customer and friend have a happy Dragon Boat Festival, all be safe and healthy !

    Dragon Boat Festival is a festival set up to commemorate the famous patriotic poet Quyuan.

    In the history of our country, the idea that Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate Quyuan has a history of more than 1500 years. Legend has it that after Quyuan threw himself into the Miluo River, the local people immediately rowed boats to rescue him, and went all the way to Dongting Lake, never to see Quyuan's body. At that time, on rainy days, boats on the lake gathered together near pavilions on the shore.

    When people learned that it was to salvage Dr. Qu, a wise minister, they rushed out again in the rain and scrambled into the vast Dongting Lake. For the sake of mourning, people go boating on rivers and rivers, and then gradually develop into dragon boat races. People were afraid that the fish in the river would eat his body, so they went home and put rice balls into the river to avoid the fish and shrimp spoiling Quyuan's corpse, which later became the custom of eating dumplings.